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 Musical Communities in the 21st Century 

24th – 30th August 2020

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2020 has thrust us all into a new social reality. With the pandemic keeping us physically distanced, digital interactions have become more vital than ever before. At this year’s international conference, which will take place in our shared virtual reality, we will consider the myriad ways that technologies change the makeup and substance of our musical communities.


As with all technological upheavals, the digital revolution has brought with it a complex mix of blessings and curses. The internet connects and isolates us; it makes new collaborations possible yet pushes us into digital silos; it facilitates novel modes of listening while displacing others. The internet reshapes the ways we communicate with one another, even the ways we communicate with ourselves.


Here in Southeast Asia, our musical heritage is very much infused with a collective spirit. Through most of our history, music has been created collectively, for the good of society. Might current and emerging technologies foster a renaissance of these musical values? Or alternately, is their primary effect to enhance our focus on the self?


This year we will explore the makeup of musical communities, both historically and in our current digital age. How do musical communities coalesce? What roles does music play in creating and strengthening social ties? How have technologies destroyed and created musical communities in the past? How are they doing so today?



The Day the Music (Almost) Died: A Reflection on Music Communities in Times of Turmoil

ASEAN Youth Ensemble Workshop 2020

Music Making and the New Normal

Margaret Hayne Kim, Moderator

Migrating to Remote Performance: Continued Artistic Agency in Response to Quarantine Regulations

Krina Cayabyab, Speaker

Sounds of Myanmar – Expanding Boundaries and Connecting Communities

Rachel Ho and Saw Win Maw, Speaker

'Operating at a Distance'

An Online Resource for Music Education in Thailand

Chanita Pholudom, Speaker

Virtual Communication, Real Community

Anant Narkkong, Dr. Pawasut Piriyapongrat, Dr. Nipatdh Kanchanahuta and Dr. Boon Hua Lien, Curators

Teaching Music with the New Normal

Christoph Wichert, Moderator

Teaching Music Online: Lessons Learned From COVID-19 Lockdowns

Pannapat Kritpet

Zen and Virtual Reality: Investigating the Explosion of ‘Lockdown Live’ Performances and Virtual Festivals

“Lunop Han Dughan” as a Psycho-Social Approach to Mitigate Trauma Among Typhoon Yolanda Survivors: An Action Research Towards Participatory Governance

Alegria O. Ferrer, Speaker

The Process of Music Activities for The Elderly of Thonburi District in Thailand

Natsarun Tissadikun, Panus Tongkarnpanit and Warinthorn Sisiadngam

Distancing and Loneliness: Being Heard in the Silence

Francis Nuntasukon, Speaker

Opening Locks - Evolving Horizons

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore

My Works as Inspired by the Mansaka Culture

Dr. Marie Jocelyn U. Marfil, Speaker

The Making of Remote Collaborative Performance of Koto Music “Strings of Hope”

Dr. Hiroko Nagai, Speaker

The Unreal Circle

Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool and Pattarapong Sripanya, Curators

MCL TALKS: Virtual, Analytic and Critical Discussions on Contemporary Music in Southeast Asia

“Salon RISE AND SHARE: A COVID-19 Togetherness Project for Musicians and Listeners”

Kit Young, Moderator

Let's move

Sirasar Boonma and Pansita Sasirawuth, Curator

Hear & Found

Documenting and Disseminating My Doppelgänger: Reflections on Developing Effective Online Representations of a Performance

Beethoven’s 250 in the Time of COVID-19

The Art of Paraphrases on Well-Known Tunes: a Comparative Study of Artistic and Social Aspects in the 19th and 21st Centuries

Chanyapong Thongsawang, Speaker

Musik der Aufklärung: Music of Beethoven in the Realities of Here and Now

Dr. Anothai Nitibhon, Speaker

The Visual Music in the Virtual World

Dr. Ivan Zavada

Plan “C”: COVID and Creativity

Dr. Monika Hennemann, Dr. Ruth Rodrigues and Dr. Anothai Nitibhon, Curators

Sponsored by the Royal Musical Association's Southeast Asia Chapter

Musical Transformations: Networked Performance in Intercultural Music Creation

Education in Transition

Assistant Professor Dr. Dneya Udtaisuk and Dr.Anothai Nitibhon, Moderators

“What’s Next?: Music Tomorrow” – Discussion of Research-in-Progress

Professor Dr. Jacques Moreau and Dr. Chanyapong Thongsawang, Curators

„It’s Not a Compromise!“ - Strategies and Methods for Online Teaching

Max Riefer, 

Universiti Teknologi Mara Faculty of Music, 


“Zoom-ing” Music History During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Ch’ng Xin Ying and Assistant Professor Dr. Jeremy Leong, Speakers

Gametrak Controller: A Virtual Musical Instrument and the Realisation of ‘Sound Capsule’

Poumpak Charuprakorn

Individual Voices

Anothai Nitibhon and Christoph Wichert, Curators

The Social Impact of Music Organizations in Khlongtoey: The Quantitative Data

Pongthep Jitduangprem

Music Engagement and Subjective Well-Being of Indonesian’s Professional and Amateur Musician

Christ Billy Aryanto and Faisal Rahman Pardomuan, Speakers

The Effect of Binaural Beat Auditory Stimulation for Relieving Stress of Biomedical Engineering Students: a Pilot Study

Thanate Angsuwatanakul and Nawarat Boonnak

Pathways: From Past to Present

Puntwitt Asawadejmetakul, Moderator

Chamber Music in the 21st Century: Adapting Classical Music to the Modern World

Supamongkol Kasemjitwat, Speaker

Collective Resonance

Sound Bridges: Promoting Diversity and Originality Across Arts and Cultures Through Festival Initiatives

Metamorphosis of Postdramatic Theatre in the Context of Virtuality and Performativity

Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Curator

Musical Video Games

Temporal Virtuality: New Music for Old Instruments

Prach Boondiskulchok

Is There No Opera Without an Audience in the Concert Hall? Robert Ashley’s “Perfect Lives” (1984) and Potential Operatic Forms in Digital Age

Seok-young Kim, Speaker

How Can We Play Music by 1010 People in This COVID-19 Situation? : The Challenge of “Senju Dajare Music Festival”

Kotaro Ishibashi, Speaker

Musical Video Game (2)

ASEAN Youth Ensemble Workshop 2020 (2)

Sommerpause: Duo Series

Musikhochschule Lübeck

“Co – Mentoring Concepts in Online Teacher Development Activity Platforms for a Supportive Music Teachers Community”  

Wichita Jandan, Speaker

Was Lockdown a Fast-Track Towards Universal Digitisation?

Music for Society: Development in the Virtual Era

Dr. Suppabhorn Suwanpakdee, Speaker

Teaching Conducting Online

Dr. Pamornpan Komolpamorn

Artistic Research in Audiovisual Project – F(r)ee Road

Kittiphan Janbaula

Performance @ Maduro

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, NUS, Singapore

Recitals on the Go: Embracing the Unexpected

Thanisa Durongkaveroj and Anothai Nitibhon, Moderators

Musical Community and Well-Being

Kajornsak Kittimetaveenan, Moderator

Showcases - Recitals on the Go: Embracing the Unexpected

Anothai Nitibhon and Khetsin Chuchan, Curators

Transformation of Brass Resonators: Programming Sonic Modulation of Trombone Through Khong Wong Yai’s Tuning System

Siravith Kongbandalsuk, Speaker

The Emergence of the Subconscious in Erik Satie’s “Parade”: The Search for Surrealism in Sound

Tanaporn Rajatanavin, Speaker

Inventions and Reinventions: Making New Ensemble Music During the Pandemic

Collaborating Across Continents

Creative Economy: Future of Music Industry in Thailand

Dr. Kawin Dheppatipat, Curator

Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization)







Associate Professor Dr. Jonathan Day
Alan Pierson
Dr. Enrico Bertelli
Dr. Jonas BAES
Dr. Scott Wilson
Dr. Yui Shikakura
Dylan Lardelli
Peter Veale
Professor Daniel K L Chua
Professor Dieter Mack
Professor Dr. Chong Kee Yong
Professor Dr. LaVerne de la Peña
Professor Joseph Hyde
Professor Stephen Emmerson
Kit Young
The Six Tones (VN/SWE) and David Hebert

Plenary Speaker

Dr. Ivan Zavada
Hear & Found by Sirasar Boonma and Pansita Sasirawuth
Max Riefer
Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool
Pattarapong Sripanya
Piyawat Louilarpprasert
Prach Boondiskulchok

Panel Discussion


Adeline Wong
Anant Narkkong
Brett Stemple
Chen Zhangyi
Dr. Boon Hua Lien
Dr. Dneya Udtaisuk
Dr. Monika Hennemann
Dr. Nipatdh Kanchanahuta
Dr. Pawasut Piriyapongrat
Dr. Ruth Rodrigues sponsored by the Royal Musical Association’s Southeast Asia Chapter
Gabriel Lee
Htet Arkar
Jonathan Shin
Karst de Jong
Kenny Ooi Chia Fu
Khoo Hui Ling
Lin Xiangning
Muse Ye
Nicky Juanite
Nikorn Sae Tang
Noppakorn Auesirinucroch
Pamornpan Komolpamorn
Professor Bernard Lanskey
Sulwyn Lok
Thanakarn Schofield
Thanapol Setabrahmana
Thanisa Durongkaveroj
Tony Makarome
Yossral Songkiatkul

Guest Artists

Annie Mahtani
Annop Kitkason
Anupon Cheychum
Anusorn Prabnongbua
Brad Gill
Chatkul Wisutthisara
Chirstoph Wichert
Chloe Chung
Daniel Seitz
Dhorn Taksinwarajan
Ensemble Musikfabrik
Fuangfaa Rakrong
Harold Andre Cruz Santos
Henrik Frisk
Ilysia Tan
Jake Williams
Janet Sinica
Jirapahn Kaokum
Jirasiri Kangvannavakul
Jirayut Thaolipo
Jorge Garcia
Jutharat Ninlawong
Khongchai Greesuradej
Kittiphan Janbuala
Kornvit Anoontakaroon
Krittaya Lorpiyanon
Krongkwan Tassanapak
Kuwerdas Filipinas Symphonic Rondalla
Musikhochschule Lübeck
Max Riefer
Nadis Boonrod
Natthapat Kirawiroj
Nattapol Rojanarattanangkool
Netchanok Chinchakkaeo
Ngô Trà My
Nguyễn Thanh Thủy
Nichanan Valanaraya
Noprada Jirasuwankij
Norah Lorway
Panupop Jakklom
Pattarapong Sripanya
Pattarapol Sukvajeeporn
Permsuk Amporncharat
PGVIM students
Pingka Sirisujinte
Pishayatan Sungvornvetchapharn
Piyawat Louilarppasert
Phạm Công Ty
Phumirin Chantanayingyong
Phumthana Mu
Piyatida Pocharasang
Pornnatcha Koonkaew
Pradnampetch Kanoknak
Prannathorn Teerarodjanakul
Raffles Institution
Rassami Paoluengtong
Sanpetch Sibsiri
Selina Jones
Seoul National University
Simon Steen-Andersen
Siraphob Maitreesirimongkol
Stefan Östersjö
Songklod Nunthakasem
Suchunya Tanvichien
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Tacet(i) Ensemble
Thanisa Durongkaveroj
Vorakit Kamolraksa
Wadtawan Ketbunthorn
Weerapong Donlakhon
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
Yotsakron Ruengchaicharoen
Yutthana Amrarong



Assistant Professor Dr. Jeremy Leong
Alegria O. Ferrer
Chamamas Kaewbuadee
Chanita Pholudom
Christ Billy Aryanto
Dr. Anothai Nitibhon
Dr.Apichai Chantanakajornfung
Dr. Chanyapong Thongsawang
Dr. Ch’ng Xin Ying
Dr. Pamornpan Komolpamorn
Dr. Marie Jocelyn U. Marfil
Dr. Suppabhorn Suwanpakdee
Faisal Rahman Pardomuan
Francis Nuntasukon
Hiroko Nagai
Kansiree Chirawattanaphan
Kalaya Phongsathorn
Kawirat Saimek
Khongchai Greesuradej
Kittiphan Janbuala
Krina Cayabyab
Krittaya Lorpiyanon
Kotaro Ishibashi
Orawan Kadenoum
Natsarun Tissadikun
Nawarat Boonnak
Nichanan Valanaraya
Pannapat Kritpet
Panus Tongkarnpanit
Pattarapol Sukvajeeporn
Patthiya Sirirojsathaporn
Pongthep Jitduangprem
Poumpak Charuprakorn
Prannathorn Teerarodjanakul
Rachel Ho
Rossakorn Phuengthongthai
Sakda Pharchumcharna
Saw Win Maw
Seok-young Kim
Siravith Kongbandalsuk
Supamongkol Kasemjitwat
Tanaporn Rajatanavin
Thanate Angsuwatanakul
Warinthorn Sisiadngam
Warudh Samansap
Waris Warindarawej
Wichita Jandan
Yanini Pongpakatien
Yotsakorn Ruengchaicharoen

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