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MCL TALKS: Virtual, Analytic and Critical Discussions on Contemporary Music in Southeast Asia

29 August 2020
15:30 -16:15 hrs (GMT+7)

From April 2020, the core of the MANILA COMPOSERS LAB (MCL) gathered weekly via cyber space to engage in discussions about particular works by each of the discussants. These gatherings were produced and edited as a series of videos called MCL TALKS, that uniquely presented analytic and critical discussions virtually. Guided by the underlying conceptual framework of “music as a creative process”, the discussions have significantly covered grounds that define as well as nuance musical works within and outside the realms of structure and meaning, form and narrative, determinism and spontaneity, or congruence and liminality; all designed to interest an even wider audience. 

This paper presents insights and reflections into cyber discussion as a mode of production and presentation; gravitating into how such a production would make an impact on education, on practice and theoretical reflection, even outside its assumed trajectory of musical practitioners and creative artists. The paper presentation will include video clips from the various episodes of the series and will present recommendations for similar efforts especially within the region of Southeast Asia.

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