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Documenting and Disseminating My Doppelgänger: Reflections on Developing Effective Online Representations of a Performance

24 August 2020
11:00 - 12:00 hrs (GMT+7)

This presentation will reflect on aspects of an ongoing research project involving my piano improvisations with interactive computer software, performed on two Yamaha Disklaviers. The project has included multiple performances over recent years, but this presentation will focus on the documentation and dissemination of one particular concert performance some years ago that resulted in a set of largely improvised pieces titled Doppelgänger Sweet. In both the live performance and the recorded online version, the visual dimension – that is, how the performance was staged and filmed – was a crucial part of the production. 

This dimension was designed not only to maintain an audience’s attention but to make as explicit as possible the relationship between the human and computer-generated piano playing thereby reinforcing the issue at the core of the research. 

The presentation will also outline the rationale underlying a website designed to disseminate awareness of the project and will consider which forms of written reflections – and degree of technical detail – are most appropriate for the successful dissemination of such artistic research online. The presentation will encourage artistic researchers to embrace more fully the potential of the online medium in the design and dissemination of their projects.

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