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My Works as Inspired by the Mansaka Culture

Paper Presentation
28 August 2020
14:00 - 15:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Dr. Marie Jocelyn U. Marfil, Speaker


My compositions derived their inspiration from the Mansaka music and culture, an indigenous people found in Southern Philippines. As my process of writing involved research, I embarked on an online search and later, a personal visit to their community where I confronted many issues. In this virtual conference, I present my insight on the problematics of space inquiring whether my research in the past could or could have not made sense in the present times of the pandemic crises. 

Here, I ask: “What are the instances in the pre-research stage that brought me to my research goal and music composition?” And, “How is the post-production (referring to the aftermath of producing my outputs) ushered in the realization of “fieldwork and technology” divide?”. I present my compositions and also discuss the pre-and-post production of my research process.

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