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Plan “C”: COVID and Creativity

Panel Discussion
25 August 2020
14:00 - 17:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Dr. Monika Hennemann, Dr. Ruth Rodrigues and Dr. Anothai Nitibhon, Curators

Sponsored by the Royal Musical Association's Southeast Asia Chapter


Student video presentations and Panel Discussion

How can we preserve and even enrich our creative practices in the Post-COVID ‘new normal’? This session will present some practical answers. It provides a lively platform for students and emerging professionals from three educational institutions with a strong history of collaboration (Raffles Institution, Singapore; Cardiff University and PGVIM) to present their ideas. And it will introduce creative projects catalysed by COVID-19 that will continue long after the lockdown is over. The session is sponsored by the Royal Musical Association’s Southeast Asia Chapter and chaired by Dr Ruth Rodrigues (Raffles Institution), Dr Monika Hennemann (Cardiff University) and Dr Anothai Nitibhon (PGVIM).

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