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An Online Resource for Music Education in Thailand

Paper Presentation
26 August 2020
09:45 - 10:30 hrs (GMT+7)

Chanita Pholudom, Speaker


Since the COVID-19 situation began, people have changed the way they work, study, and interact with each other. The situation now shows us how important E-learning is today. In present-day Thailand, I find that many people do not have opportunities to know about classical music. Most people consider classical music a form of high art that they are unfamiliar with. In response to this, I want to make classical music more accessible and increase opportunities to engage and enthuse those who are interested in classical music but do not know how to interact with it.

Based on this inspiration, I created a learning tool using my viola recital as a project experiment. For my viola recital, I designed an animated female character named ‘Alto’ to narrate the program notes, in order to show that classical music is not necessarily complicated or difficult to understand when we know the context behind it. This project can be used as an online resource for teachers and parents to help students and children learn more about classical music. 

In my opinion, E-learning will definitely have a major impact on the education system in the future. Resources for learning are increasingly being made available online, and Covid-19 strengthening this trend. From now on, learning will not be restricted to the physical space of the classroom, but will happen everywhere. The online platform provides an opportunity for easier access to music education. Hopefully, this will increase the appeal of classical music to a  broader audience.

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