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Dr. Enrico Bertelli

Dr. Enrico Bertelli

It all started in Venice 2003, after my first university exam. I got a good mark and found the Erasmus scholarship application; so I moved to Wales. I repatriated for a BA in Music, Cinema and Theatre, and a Percussion degree at the Conservatoire before embracing the cold Welsh weather again for an MA in Performance Studies. Soon after, York was home to my PhD in performance and electronics, before packing my life in a car towards London. But I was in Belfast, ordering pizza when an email popped in, with a grant that sparked the idea of Conductive Music. 

From two staff and five schools, we work with 70+ schools, 4,000 students yearly. I am so happy to have presented our project to 30+ universities and schools in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and throughout Europe. Maker Movement, Open Source, Legacy, Music Technology and STEAM are the keywords of our manifesto, thanks to which we take apart, destroy, hack and rebuild, any piece of art or technology, that we can touch!

Founding Director of Conductive Music CIC 


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