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The Globalisation of Classical Music and the Role of the Conductor in the 21st Century

12 September 2014
14:00 - 14:30 hrs (GMT +7)

How has the conducting profession changed in recent years? As orchestras have had to adapt to the modern world, conductors have also had to adapt. Gone are the days when a conductor could hold ultimate power on the podium and be invisible off it. Classical music is more democratic than ever, and the relationship between conductors and orchestral musicians is much more informal than in the past. 

The conductors’ role has become more ambassadorial with the conductor not running the show but working as part of a team. And as western orchestras struggle to define their role and relevance in the 21st Century society, the epicentre of classical music, which is essentially western countries, is moving eastwards incredibly quickly. This is true not only with orchestras but with all art forms. Classical music has gone global.

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