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Musical Tapestry

23 August 2022
18:00 - 19:30 hrs (GMT+7)

Korean Music Project

PGVIM Percussion Ensemble

Studio Musikfabrik

Musikhochschule Lübeck

PGVIM & YST Conservatory of Music Students


Sukhi Kang

LYÉ-BUHL (1968) Edition 2022 - Thailand

Yiho Ahn, Actor & Solo Voice

Minjung Kim, Percussion

Kornvit Anoontakaroon / Pinploy Punya / Channarong Phetphrom, Percussion

SNU & PGVIM Students, Choir

Sangyun Park, Director

Sangman Kim, Film Director

Yongjin Kim, Music Director

Soohyun Suh, Technical Director

Yool Lee, Production Director

Jaejun Lee, Choir Mixing Engineer

Sooyoung Im, Performance Sound Recording Engineer

Yulim Lee, Dramaturge

Daon Jin, Assistant Director

Hajin Kim(K-Music Makers), Photographer

Donghyeok Noh, Percussion Organiser

Tuntun Taratawan Krue-On & Sarah Kim, Coordinator

Younjee Park & Sngkn Kim, Producers

Supported by ARKO (Arts Council Korea)

Tanasit Siripanichwattana


PGVIM Percussion Ensemble

Franz Schubert

Klavierstück in E-flat minor, D.946, no. 1

Phoom Santipornvit, Piano

Toshio Hosokawa

Duo (1998) for Violin and Violoncello

Chelsea Bauer, Violin

Ina Wietheger,Violoncello

Franz Schubert

Die lieber hat gelogen D.751

Jirut Khamlanghan, Soprano

Tayana Tavibunyakon, Piano

Isang Yun

OstWest-Miniaturen (1994) for oboe und violoncello

Ina Wietheger, Violoncello

Soniya Rakhmatullina, Oboe

Rastlose liber op.5 no.1

Jirut Khamlanghan, Soprano

Tayana Tavibunyakon, Piano

Dieter Mack


Peter  Veale, Oboe

Max Riefer, Percussion

Chang - Recollection - Improvisation

Karst de Jong, Piano 

Younghi Pagh-Paan

Im Sternenlicht (2019)

Peter Veale, Conductor

Chelsea Bauer, Violin

Tapanatt Kiatpaibulkit, Viola

Ina Wietheger, Violoncello

Heli Vaalamo, Flute

Soniya Rakhmatullina, Oboe

Clara Wigger, Clarinet

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