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LYÉ-BUHL(1968) (2022 Edition in Thailand)

Sukhi KANG’s LYÉ-BUHL was composed in 1968 and premiered by the College of Music, Seoul national university. In August, LYÉ-BUHL in the 2022 Thailand edition will premiere for PGVIS. Thai and Korean performers will play this hybrid stage together.

A Buddhist ceremonial service for male singers and percussionists, LYÉ-BUHL borrows an idea from the legend that one elder monk preached Buddhist teachings from the Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms. Here, the temple bell is symbolic of worship. The male choir sings the Buddhist hymn. The 30 percussionists express the impact of the bell on all nature.

In the new edition of LYÉ-BUHL, a hybrid performance, the percussion part will perform by two Thai and one Korean student with fourteen instruments from each country. At the same time, the rest of the 17 percussions will play with recorded sound. Also, Yiho AHN, a vocalist and an actor, will play and sing on stage with the recorded choir composed of Thai and Korean students. The LYÉ-BUHL film, directed by Sangman Kim, in the 2020 Edition, comes together on stage.

Seoul National University, College of Music


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