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28 August 2020
19:30 - 21:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Jean David Caillouët, Dieter Mack, Peter Veale, and Anothai Nitibhon, Curator



Sonic Meditations
Pauline Oliveros

PGVIM Singers
Ty Constant, Animateur

Piano Trio in D major, Op. 70
Ludwig van Beethoven
Elissa Pauline Miller-Kay, Piano
Margaret Hayne Kim, Violin
Andrew Healey, Cello

Elliott Carter

Carl Rosman, Clarinet
Julia Berg, Clarinet

If Flowers Were to Bloom Again
Zhe Qi Joey Yeo (AYE Composer)
Htet Arkar, Pat Waing
Dini Pratiwi, Saron Barung
Orawan Kadenoum, French Horn
Sikaret Saknaveeporn, Trumpet
Petpairin Luenpan, Violin
Kawalee Phakarat, Viola
Pronnapas Santiwarangkul, Cello
Peter Veale, Conductor

Tuba Song
Christian Wolff
Charlotte Ortolf, Tuba

At Kung Maging sa Panaginip Mo’y Hindi rin naman Totoo (And If Even in Your Dreams, they are still not True)
Ryle Nicole Custodio (AYE Composer)
Kathleen Nicole Cahis, Kulintang
Daniel Roi Calingasan, Banduria
Siraphob Maitreesirimongkol, Flute
Pawin Pungbua, Trombone
Phattarapoj Sawangchaeng, Viola
Jirayut Thaolipo, Double bass
Alejandro Sarriegui, Percussion

Peter Veale, Conductor

D’ombre et de Silence (In shadow and silence) from Trois Préludes
Henri Dutilleux
Dhorn Taksinwarajan, Piano


The Minister of Loneliness
Gloria Yehilevsky, Percussion
Shiyi Li, Animator

Neben dem Fluss
Toshio Hosokawa
Käthe Luise Schmidt, Harp

Tania León
Phataporn Preechanon, Flute
Khetsin Chuchan, Piano

This first concert takes the listeners at the crossroads between different geographies and time-spaces, reminding us of the rich diversity that characterises the musical paths that divide and unite us.

Ty Constant with PGVIM Singers, will lead us to the inner world of hearing with Pauline Oliveros’s ‘Sonic Meditations’. In line with the concept of dreams and dreaming, ‘At Kung Maging sa Panaginip Mo’y Hindi rin naman Totoo’ (And If Even in Your Dreams, They Are Still Not True) by Ryle Nicole Custodio deploys a filmmaking technique called “Dream Sequence” which is primarily utilized to provide a short departure from the main story. Dream sequences are often presented as brief flashbacks, flashforwards, and visions. In 

Zhe Qi Joey Yeo’s ‘If Flowers Were to Bloom Again’, ‘Flowers’ are used as a metaphor for positivity. The piece acknowledges that even if darkness emerges victory in the end, we can always savour the fact that at some point a taste of merriment was achieved and maybe sometimes that is enough.

The percussionist Gloria Yehilevsky interacts with the live and prepared animation of Shiyi Li in the ‘Minister of Loneliness’, a piece depicting the hardships involved with moving and integrating with a new culture. It is a musical depiction of real personal stories and general emotional challenges.

Beethoven’s ‘Largo assai ed espressivo’ of the ‘Trio Op. 70 no.1’ is probably the slowest movement in the composer’s oeuvre. Its mysterious tremolos, chromaticism, and extreme contrasts in dynamics evoking a ghostly atmosphere reminiscent of Shakespeare. We know that at the time the composer had sketched ideas for an adaptation of Macbeth…

Dutilleux’s ‘D’ombres et Silence’ for solo piano is a careful exploration of the spaces between sounds and their shadows.

Toshio Hosokawa’s ‘Neben dem Fluss’ (”By the River”) is inspired by Hermann Hesse’s ”Siddhartha” and takes the harp on a journey through the river of life where the words of Fährmann’s poetry reminds us to “listen!” and ”listen more carefully!”

Cuban-born composer Tania León’s ‘Alma’ describes air moving through wind chimes, engages the players and listeners into a playful dialogue through its dancing rhythms providing earthiness to the harmonic language.

Elliott Carter’s clarinet duet ‘Hiyoku’ derives its title from an old poetic word (for Haiku) meaning two wings, with the connotation of two birds flying together in the wind. It also has the connotation of two people travelling through life together.

Jean David Caillouët
Dieter Mack
Peter Veale
Anothai Nitibhon

Thitima Suksangjan
Chaimongkol Wiriyasatjaporn
Chamamas Kaewbuadee
Apinporn Chaivanichsiri
Tuchawong Sirisawat
Selina Jones
Khongchai Kreesuradej
Kawirat Saimek

Nusamol Jongprakitpong
Benjamart Maiket
Pongthep Jitduangprem
Rittichut Phetmunin
Jittinant Klinnumhom

PGVIM Singers
Kajornsak Kittimetaveenan
Pichaporn Sukhontapan

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