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Welcome to PGVIS2021 Virtual Space 

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You are here

Welcome area

Everyone who login here for the first time will spawning at the center of this area

This is an area where you can watch all the performances that currently broadcast. Sit back, Relax and enjoy the show!

Performing Broadcast area

Another area on the map is the hangout area where you can go wild! Chatting, greetings, dancing and exploring any way you like. Speaking of going wild, There are literally forest on the right side of the map too! Feel free to relax in these area after a long day of PGVIS, with the sound that will ease your mind.

Hangout area and The Forest

You can check out all the information about this year's event or session that coming up by click on the big house in this area.

Misses the old days? 7 art walls on the bottom will exhibit the past 7-year symposium! You can also check it out briefly if this is your first time on PGVIS.

Information and Archives pages area

Basic control


Left-click on where to walk there.

Simply as that sound.


Want to dance? Left-click on yourself to use the emote menu to Sit, Dance and spreading love!


If the cursor changes into the pointing hand that's mean you can interact with that object. Feel free to click and explore it if you like.


The map is pretty big but doesn't worry about getting tired from walking. 

We have a Teleport arrow that will make you go around the map by just click on it.


In the Performing Broadcast area, There is a big screen for watching the performance that currently broadcasting. To watch it just walk near the screen and the video will show up on the upper left of your screen. You will be automatically mute at this point.

We have a lot of sounds for you to enjoy all around the map. Try to exploring it and tell us what sound in which area you like the most on FB page: PGVIS

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