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YounJee PARK

YounJee PARK

Composer YounJee Park graduated from the Department of Composition at Seoul National University and obtained a master's degree in composition from the same graduate school, and is currently studying at Seoul National University's music department(Korean Music Major) doctoral program. With commissions and support from various foundation and musical ensemble, she composed following music:


<BBBBBass>(2021), <I am the tiger>(2021), <When the 12 months pass>(2021), <Grain full>(2021), <Die Verwandlung>(2021), <a Song of Water>(2021), <Percussion Concerto ‘Sun-rise, Sun-set’>(2020), <Dong-dong>( , 2020), 凍冬 <What if...?>(2020), <Mugunghwa>(2020), <Polemonium caeruleum>(2020), AR Book Romantic House (2020), <Echo>(2019), <Zebra Crossing Project 『 』 ‘Alice in Touchland’>(2018), <a Foggy Night>(2018), <Standing on the Hillside for a While in the midst Blowing Autumn Breeze>(2017), <A Forked Road>(2016),

<Eorang taryung Variations>(2016).


She performed at the Seoul Arts Center, National Theater of Korea, National Gugak Center, Donhwamun Traditional Theater, and National Jeongdong Theater. Her songs were introduced on KBS Gugak Han-Madang and a number of radio programs.


In 2020, she was selected as a composer sponsored by the Arts Council Korea and the Seoul Cultural Foundation. Composer Park held her solo concert <CONTRAST CONTRABASS> at the National Theater in June 2021 and marked the record of making all seats sold out.


From March 2021, she has been serving as the leader of 'KOREAN MUSIC PROJECT', an art group which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

Seoul National University,

Department of Music


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