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Tanapon Chiwinpiti

Tanapon Chiwinpiti

Tanapon Chiwinpiti (b. 1992) is largely self-taught Thai-born sound artist, composer, policymaker, politician and researcher.


He attractively works on technology, algorithm-based approach in composition to explore a new prototype of digital age music from 21st century. He graduated in Music Composition at College of Music, Mahidol University from 2011-2016. The year of 2014-15, He attended to study computer music and design (Sonology Department) at Kunitachi College of Music Tokyo, Japan as an exchange student.


He attended several lectures and workshops conducted by Dirk P. Haubrich, Mie Yanashita, Zygmunt Krauze, Zhou Long, Yann Robin, John Corigliano, Paul Patterson, Kee Yong Chong, Jean-Luc Darbelley, Mara Gibson, Martin Jaggi, Jōji Yuasa, Ums'n Jip Duo, Hans Tutschku, Enno Poppe, Peter Eötvös, Joe Hisaishi and David Rosenboom. He also has collaborations with Haruna Tsuchiya, Tomomi Kubo, Takashi Miyamoto, Noriko Tsuboi, Akiyuki Okayasu, Ensemble TACETi, Michael Hall, Ums'n Jip Duo, Inflexio Duo, Mahidol University String Quartet, Salaya String Ensemble, Ensemble Mosaik, Salaya Saxophone Ensemble, Pan Pacific Ensemble, Kammerorchester Basel, Collegium Novum Zurich(as a personal assistance) etc. He was a finalist in Basel Composition Competition, Best Award of Ryuichi Sakamoto's Sound Installation Competition《IS YOUR TIME》collaboration with Shiro Takatani at NTT ICC Tokyo Japan. Grand Prize ACSM116 in Acousmonium Music at CCMC 2017 Japan, a finalist Young Composers in Southeast Asia 2013 by Goethe Institute, and Distinguished Prize for Music Composition of Young Thai Artist Award 2013, 2015-17 etc.


Presently, He is focusing on “Parametricism and Digitalism” practical based-concept embodies an Artificial Intelligence relevant, augmented reality/hardware/VR, data science, algorithmic approach, mathematical models, spatial music, creative coding and design through particular inspiration of Zaha Hadid's foreseen architecture and regarding to Thai aesthetics and applied Trans-humanism ideology and politics. Besides, He recently a member of Pheu Thai Party as a creative economy policymaker, researcher and coordinator, also a visited professor in Computer science and media art at Sahavith Business Administration Technological College.




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