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Srayamurtikanti is a stage name of Ni Nyoman Srayamurtikanti (Bali, 3rd October 1996). She is a musician and a composer based on Balinese traditional music. She composes traditional and innovative pieces for her music. She currently studies at the Institute of the Art Surakarta Indonesia for her Master in Music Composition. She studies a lot about composition with her father who is a natural composer artist (autodidact), her teachers inside and outside the institution. She started to compose in 2017. She is the founder of Sanggar S’mara Murti (a Balinese group ensemble based on tradition and development). There are a few compositions that she has been made. In 2019, she performed her first contemporary piece “S.o.S (Shape of the Shape)” on Komponis Kini- A Tribute to Wayan Beratha at Bentara Budaya Bali. She became a composer for Culture Parade Festival for Bali in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2020, she got the fifth rank of Music Gamelan Creative Competition, piece: “Speech Delay” on Kuno-Kini (old-new). In 2021, she had a chance to collaborate with a Mexican choreographer to make contemporary music dance based on Gamelan Selonding, etc.


SRAYA MURTIKANTIEmpowerment (10’40)


Empowerment is an innovative gamelan composition whose mission is to break the assumptions about women's lives in a "feminine" niche. Entering the feminine side does not always have to fight with masculinity, but all forces will merge to evolve into a harmonious space according to self-crystallization. This work is designed to treat music and gamelan in an unusual way. By combining different instruments from the two ensembles Selonding and Semarandana and using three gamelan players, the composer wants to explore new possibilities in the form of musical and non-musical forms. Hopefully, this work can lead us to the truth.

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