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Soohyun (Anna) Suh

Soohyun (Anna) Suh

CEO of Dream Arts Production.

Representative of Alternative Space Loop.

Technical & Production Director in Live Performance

Lecturer at the College of Music Seoul National University.



Anna Suh graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Theatre.


After she graduated, she returned to Seoul and became a founding member of the lighting design institute “Lighting Concerto” in 1994 and began her career as a lighting designer.


In 2001, she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at Carnegie Mellon University, where she majored in Lighting and Stage Design and received the William Nelson Memorial award.


She has been working as a technical director for over 18 years at the Tongyeong International Music Festival.


Above all, as a production director, she has collaborated with many foreign performing companies in various genres, including <Miss Saigon>, <Les Miserable> and Opera <Ring Cycle>.


Since 2016, as the representative of Loop, which started as Korea’s first alternative space, she supported many experimental artists. Through exchanges with domestic and foreign artists, various types of art work have been presented every year.


She founded Dream Arts Production in 2021, further developing the depth of diversity through the work of various content and experimental collaboration of the performing arts.


She currently teaches a creative performance seminar and overseas field study at the College of Music Seoul National University.



Seoul National University 


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