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Santi Lawrachawee

Santi Lawrachawee

A Thai graphic artist and founder of design collective, Practical Studio. He nimbly crosses from the commercial world of graphic design to fine art and back again. Lawrachawee had his first solo show at the Bangkok University Gallery in 2008 titled Yes, I am Not, an installation constructed by using a hydraulic cutting machine to cut layers and layers of newsprint into a text puzzle. He has since participated in a number of group exhibitions using printmaking, paper sculpture and large scale site-specific installations. 

Alongside commercial projects at the Practical Design Studio his team initiate and organise design exhibitions and activities. Lawrachawee organises forums and nationwide discussions on the Thai-ness in Thai graphic design. It was titled, “Somewhere Thai” and included 50 speakers representing “Thainess” in their design work. 

Lawrachawee is also a lecturer in the Fine Arts programme at Bangkok University and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. “When I speak with another person’s voice, I am a graphic designer. When I speak in my own voice, I am an artist.”


Practical Design Studio,

Designer of the year 2015


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