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Sandrine Desmurs

Sandrine Desmurs

Sandrine Desmurs (France), trainer and head of the digital department at Cefedem Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes (higher education center for music teachers).


Self-taught, Sandrine cut her professional teeth first on the rock scene with various bands, then working as a musician for theatre and dance companies. In parallel with her artistic activities, she began teaching in various settings.


With a State Diploma in Music Teaching and a Master's degree in Information Architecture, she is now a trainer and head of the digital department at Cefedem. Her responsibilities include setting up the e-learning system for lifelong learning. She gives short courses on the use of digital technology for learning and teaching in schools. She is also supporting students in their various projects.


Sandrine has participated in the work of the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC) for several years and is currently chair of the working group on digitization of the ARTEMIS project (2022-2024). She is also involved in various professional national networks (ANESCAS, Art-Connect) and other European projects (VIrtual Stage, Into Music and Fast45). She is a regular guest speaker at conferences and symposia. She is continuing her research into the development of digital practices within teaching teams and in learning situations at music schools, and is particularly interested in the teaching-learning process in music.


Cefedem Auvergne Rhônes-Alpes,



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