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Reza zulianda

Reza zulianda

Reza zulianda musician and composer living in the Pontianak. Born in Mempawah on 10-09-1993. He studied music on his own until he met and learned its composition to dicky k indraptees at Tanjungpura University within 2012-2015. learn Malay Music Tradition through Muhammad Yussuf Dahyani and Anwar Djafar. Reza is presently joined as a musician in Balaan Tumaan Ensemble



Mo-lo-yu (8'00")

This piece is for gongs, vocal, selondang and rebanas. Mo-lo-yu was inspired by various forms of oral literature that exist in Melayu society. The use of texts that tell stories with expressions and singing form a fusion that has its own charm. Mo-lo-yu is a title taken from Itshing's term to describe an area he had visited, which is now believed to be a Melayu area.

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