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Professor Dr. Jonas Baes

Professor Dr. Jonas Baes

Jonas Baes, a composer, ethnomusicologist and cultural activist, studied with Jose Maceda at the University of the Philippines and with Mathias Spahlinger at the Musikhochshule in Freiburg, Germany. His research work on the Iraya-Mangyan of Mindoro and the Dumagat of Rizal Province in the Philippines have been published in numerous international peer-refereed journals. Research areas include cultural politics and the sociology of loss in music. His most important composition, Patangis-Buwaya is scored for four wind instruments from any culture, and since its premiere in 2003 has been performed annually in various parts of the world. In 2009, Baes founded the Manila Composers Lab, an international platform aimed at organizing annual workshops for young composers, particularly those in Southeast Asia.

University of the Philippines


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