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Nikan Wasinondh

Nikan Wasinondh

Nikan Wasinondh (Bow) is presently the Content Director at Scratch First, the creator of Wonderfruit.

Bow has been a core team member at Wonderfruit since its launch in 2014. For this annual outdoor arts festival in Chonburi, she works with creative collaborators and cultural organisations to develop and produce multi-disciplinary projects crossing between architecture, installations, performances and creative workshops, with driving ethos on environmental and mindful sustainability, and promotion of positive social impact. Her role oversees the connections of ethos and concepts between content programming, namely art, architecture, music, f&b, family, farm and talks.

With educational backgrounds in Visual Arts, Design and Art Management, Bow instigates cross-cultural and interdisciplinary conversations through cultural practices and contemporary art. Her practice  facilitates platforms for creatives who explore critical issues of social and artistic concerns through festivals, exhibitions, educational programs, performances, etc. Having lived in several countries with work experience in Sydney and London, she is currently based in Bangkok. During 2010 – 2013, she co-directed not-for-profit art space, BKK Arthouse, while independently curating projects with organizations and artist groups. Including Within These Walls (2010), As Man Eats Through His Forest (2011), co-curated Thai Trends from Localism to Internationalism (2012), Survival Games exhibition merging medical and artistic contents (2013). She co-organized the 1st edition of Bukruk Street Art Festival: Thai-Europe Connection (2013) and co-curated the traveling media art project Media/Art Kitchen – Reality Distortion Field (2013). She was the Program Director and Curator for Photo Bangkok Festival 2015. Following, she took on the roles as Art Curator, Head of Art and Architecture, and Content Director at Wonderfruit (2014 – present).


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