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Narutt Suttachitt, Associate Professor Dr.

Narutt Suttachitt, Associate Professor Dr.

Associate Professor Narutt Suttachitt received his Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees from Chulalongkorn University and Doctor of Philosophy (Curriculum and Music Education) from Indiana University, Bloomington. He is also specialized in the Kodály method, studying the Kodály Training at Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music in Kécskemet, Hungary. 

Currently an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education, Division of Music Education, his experiences there have included the Manager for the University National Level Artistic Talent-Based Student Admission Program (1994 – present), the Chair for the Department of Music Education, Faculty of Education (1994 – 2002), the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Instruction (2004 -2008), and the Chair for Administrative Committee for Doctoral and Master Programs in Music Education (2008 – present). His teaching career covers a wide variety of courses for both undergraduate and graduate programs such as Psychology of Music Teaching, Innovation in Teaching Music, and Field Study in Music Education. Associate Professor Narutt Suttachitt has published a considerable amount of researches in music and music education, among which are Pitch Perception in Preschool Children (1989, Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University) and Music and Brain-based Learning in Early Childhood Education (2008, Chulalongkorn University). 

He is the author of ten textbooks on music education and music in general, including Music Teaching Behavior (1995), Music Education: Foundations and Principles (2012) and Methodology of Teaching Music (2015).

Division of Music Education,

Faculty of Education,

Chulalongkorn University,




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