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Kimball Gallagher

Kimball Gallagher

Pianist KIMBALL GALLAGHER has risen to prominence as one of the most dynamic and multifaceted artists on the musical stage today. His sensitive insights at the keyboard, coupled with his singular entrepreneurial sensibilities, have enabled him to explore a broad scope of creative endeavours. Hailed by critics as a “dynamo,” whose performance was “sunlit and rapturous” and “like a lightning bolt,” Gallagher’s sold-out 2008 debut at Carnegie Hall launched his international 88- Concert Tour, which seeks to revive salon culture through a series of 200+ performances in a variety of non-traditional venues. Through these performances, Gallagher has blazed a trail across the 7 continents, appearing in 30 countries, and taken him to distinguished venues and intimate gatherings all over the world, from the Kennedy Center to Kabul, Bombay to Boulder, Chicago to Shanghai, and Tuscany to Tunisia.

 Highlights of recent tour seasons have included Gallagher’s debuts at the Cairo Opera House, the National Recital Hall in Taipei, the United Nations in New York, and the World Bank, as well as in private homes and more exotic venues throughout Paris, Alexandria, Burma, Dubai, Thailand, Fiji, India, and Antarctica. In Afghanistan, he performed at the German Embassy and taught master classes at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. 

A prolific composer, Gallagher has written and debuted one prelude for each home concert on the 88 Concert Tour, which spells out the host’s name in a musical compositional system. His work, written for the King of Thailand, was published by the Siam Society Journal and presented to King Bhumibol in celebration of his seventh cycle. The 88 Concert Tour will conclude with a culmination recital by Gallagher at Carnegie Hall on April 13, 2015, in New York City. Widely regarded as a thought leader of his generation and an entrepreneur fiercely dedicated to humanitarian causes, Gallagher founded a non-profit organization, aptly entitled 88 International, in 2009, which serves as an umbrella for the various creative partnerships and collaborations Gallagher’s concerts have inspired. Through these initiatives, Gallagher has helped to raise over $80,000 for other non-profit organizations and NGOs, including Chintani, a New Dehli-based NGO that recently received Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s Innovation Award for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. 

In 2013, Gallagher c0-founded the first music festival in the country of Myanmar, which included a private concert at the home of Nobel Peace Prize winner and nationally celebrated icon Aung San Suu Kyi. In Egypt, Gallagher performed a private fundraising concert benefiting the local NGO Al Fanar, and raised more than 48,000 EGP for their partnership with American NGO, Global Fund for Widows. During his 14 trips to Tunisia he has performed in countless performances all over the country, the result of an ongoing collaboration with Tunisian composer and former finance minister, Jaloul Ayed. A native of Boston, Kimball Gallagher earned his undergraduate degree at Rice University in the studio of Jeanne Kierman-Fischer, and his Master of Music degree as a pupil of Robert McDonald at The Juilliard School. His life- long mentor, pianist Joseph Smith, is a mainstay of his musical development. A resident of New York City, he enjoys composing, writing and exploring various musical genres.


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