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Jerry Yue Zhuo

Jerry Yue Zhuo

Jerry Yue Zhuo is an active composer, performer and conductor with a rising reputation in Wales and my hometown Xiamen, China.


Having grown up in an increasingly postmodern society in China, Zhuo produces works that question the authenticity of personal identity. He often employs a philosophical approach in organising musical structure, taking inspiration from experience in electroacoustic performance, improvisation, and audience engagement. Based on this, he has recently started a new compositional and musicological research project in Nan-yin, a type of music from my native Min-nan Chinese (or Hokkien) culture.


Zhuo's compositional outcomes have been described as ‘evocative’ and ‘deeply personal’ by audiences. He has been selected to participate in music festivals and composition projects worldwide, including Tŷ Cerdd (Wales), Vale of Glamorgan Festival (Wales), Valencia International Performance Festival (Spain), impuls (Austria) and Chen Qigang Music Academy (China).


As a conductor and promoter of contemporary music and arts, Zhuo has become increasingly recognised in Xiamen, China, for which he has received a number of press interviews, including one by the China Daily. He is currently the co-conductor of the award-winning Xiamen Foreign Language School Orchestra and a resident artist of Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art Centre.

Cardiff University


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