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Traditions in Transition: Mapping the Past, Charting the Future

23 August 2021

09:45 - 11:15 hrs (GMT+7)

During the last century, music in Southeast Asia has blossomed, with a colourful array of new styles and artistic expressions. This flourishing of musics would not be possible without the efforts of a diverse array of artists, both from within the region and from abroad.

The guest speakers in this ensemble keynote address will reflect on the musical traditions they inherited, the collaborative partnerships they have forged, and on the tensions between expectations set in other times and places and the needs of the here and now. Drawing on their own experiences and knowledge, the speakers will also share their hopes and dreams for the next generation. Please join us for a lively discussion of the ways in which the musical traditions of Southeast Asia have and continue to thrive, inspiring artists around the world.

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