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Music in Sociocultural Development

26 August 2023

15:00 - 16:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Music Makes Changes 2023


In the project Music Makes Changes, by Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music, its members–which comprises music educators, musicians, professionals who work with sounds, and music enthusiasts–work together with a group of mentors (called Buddies) to design music workshops and/or activities. Under the concept of experience design, these workshops and activities present multidisciplinary approaches to music and sound; for example, combining music activities with body movement and creative writing.

This performance showcases some examples of works that are the results of the Music Makes Changes projects.


“Crafting Stories Through Play and Sound Design”

The “Crafting Stories Through Play and Sound Design” project presents an activity that seamlessly blends the world of performing arts with the intricacies of sound design. We extend a warm invitation to children, encouraging them to unleash their creativity and imagination as they collaboratively craft unique narrative tales. Our  workshop unfolds in three distinct phases, harmoniously blending together into an artistic symphony of expression.


Our journey commences with an ice-breaking session, fostering an environment where everyone gets to know each other. Next, we turn to sound design and exploration. Children will embark on a sonic adventure, creating evocative sounds sourced from their surroundings. Using everyday objects as their instruments, they craft an auditory tapestry that enhances the narrative experience. The crescendo of the project arrives with story creation. Each child contributes a single word to collectively construct an unpredictable story, interwoven  with the sounds designed during the previous phase. Within this symphony of collaborative creativity, we bring together story and sound, adding depth and resonance to the unfolding narrative. Thus, we orchestrate a remarkable fusion of art forms, where children's imagination knows no bounds.


Performance: The Unlikely Siblings’ Quest

The play titled “The Unlikely Siblings’ Quest'' is an adaptation born from the storytelling woven during our pilot workshop. The narrative follows the adventure of two distinctly contrasting siblings – a dog and a cat – as they embark on an unforgettable voyage across the vast expanse of the sea, ultimately leading them to the discovery of a hidden treasure and the arrival of an unexpected guest.

PERFORMERS: Ladda Kongdach/ Arunporn Taksintaweesap/ Kornphanat Tungkeunkunt/Khetsin Chuchan/ Kiratikorn Promdewet/ Netchanok Suriyajan/ Kirill Khamsawang/Keeree Khamsawang/ Rawintnipha Sornkrai/ Klangjai Tulyathip/ Athena Thammasak/Pasilp Yamket/ Pasant Yamket


“Kon Next”

Our observations regarding communication in groups of students at school reveal that a lot of students communicate online instead of talking to each other in person. We’ve noticed the limitations of this form of communication. Therefore, we created a new form of communication using technology as a medium for people to understand each other's moods and feelings through sounds and colours. The idea is called "Kon-Next" (Konversation Next Generator). It's an application that allows people to hear each other's voices and perceive emotions through colours. However, the application is still in the process of being designed and improved. So far, we've experimented with playing music and dropping colours at the same time. For people to know their own and others’ sounds and the colours of their feelings, they need to find a way to express them while communicating.

PERFORMERS: Salesian Guitar Ensemble: Akawit Chaikaew/ Chaiyapat Kayantham/ Nuntapat Thinwongker/ Pongpanod Chomsiplaingam/ Phunyaphat Poollap/ Stefan Rehorn/ Korn Lapprasit/ Sirichayapron Ruenchoomchoei


“Lam-than; the reflection of relations between human and nature through contemporary music” by Watchara Pluemyart

“Lam-than” is a Thai word meaning stream. A stream is located beside the area of my student’s parent’s home that I was astonished by the first time when I stood still in front of the waterway, reflecting on my own experiences and memories. The flowing sounds reminded me of my childhood as a student of Faculty of Music, Silpakorn University. As a part of “Music Makes Changes,” I decide to choose three of my string orchestra students to explore their own similar journeys, to experiment with their own sounds, to extend themselves and gain new experience through their own musical perceptions. The basis of this project  is the relation between human and nature, and this expands to human interactions: student-student, student-teacher, student-parent, parent-teacher and parent-parent. Through the process of experimentation using several string techniques and linking them to musical terms, we created a piece called “In(side) Me, Be(side) You”.

PERFORMERS: Watchara Pluemyart/ Puriwat Synvarasej/Papitchaya Sripa/ Pakwan Boonthongmai

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