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Bangkok Through Crusty Frames

24 August 2021

16:30 - 17:00 hrs (GMT +7)


Pink Sky Orcas


Pink Sky Orcas discusses their process of creating the upcoming performance; Bangkok through Crusty Frames, reflecting on how their experiences in school inspired this mixed-media performance.


“Bangkok through Crusty Frames,” the title for this future performance expresses the habitats’ many perspectives of the capital of Thailand. Roughly translated from our Thai title. We chose the word ‘Crusty’ to express the fragility of the infrastructure of myths, faiths, minds, environments, and the future, while the word ‘Frames’ represents the various scopes of perspectives, creating this idea of the scope and delimitation of the topics to present through mixed-media mediums.


Growing up as well as residing in Bangkok for roughly 24 years, Pink Sky Orcas have experienced time flowing through this ever-changing city. Very much like other ordinary children, we learned about our city, experienced its fragility, and contemplated on possible causes. Could it be that we noticed the problems while ignoring responsibilities that could lead to solutions?

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