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What Would the Matter Be? Some Reflections on Recent Reflections

29 August 2019

The world is changing quickly with the changes themselves offering ample resource for reflection on how we might share music from past times in contexts that are in some ways quite removed from that past. Drawing on recent experiences and projects including Kit Young’s SEADOM presentation ”Listening with a Borderless Mind”, ConNext’s ”The Rep Dilemma” project, Emmerson & Lanskey’s ”Three with Two” and from previous symposia at PGVIM, this presentation will explore some well established European works which all sound middle C as a foundational opening pitch with a view to questioning whether it is possible to move the focus of the listener towards experiencing the ”matter” as part of their listening to the ”work”. 

The presentation will also reflect on the cognitive processes being triggered, on transformational evolutions in technology which might be helpful, and on possibilities which these considerations might open for reconsidering production values in performance.

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