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Transcultural Practices: Crossing Boundaries Through Music - A New Direction of ASEAN Traditional Music Community

Panel Discussion
8 September 2016

Anant Narkkong, Mohd Yazid Zakaria and Dr.Kim Ho Ip, Speakers


Through the political and economic enforcements of the unification of the ASEAN Economics Community (AEC), accomplished by the end of year 2015, it was hoped that more than 600 million persons would become one. Yet, the whole region still faces many points of challenge. C asean, a Bangkok-based social enterprise, with great support from the renowned private company, under the vision 

“Collaboration for the Better of ASEAN’s Connectivity,” is aiming to strengthen regional connectivity by promoting a high growth environment for ASEAN businesses and culture, as well as uplifting public knowledge, awareness, and understanding of upcoming regional integration for young entrepreneurs and new generations. C asean Consonant therefore has been established to echo the mission of C asean. Members are 10 talented youths from across 10 ASEAN countries gathering to showcase their multi-traditional musical instruments and their colourful history. 

This ensemble offers a platform for young musicians (?) of Southeast Asia musical roots to develop, to share, to learn and to preserve traditional music of the ASEAN community. The project rapidly grew up with the warm caring of traditional music gurus, composers, arrangers, music directors and administrative persons who share their love and vision towards the future of ASEAN. Since October 2015 until now, the C asean Consonant project has been run several activities including workshops, international concerts, campus tours, recordings, media, as well as building linkages to other music environments. 

This presentation of ASEAN Economics Community will cover aspects of strategy, the working plan, selected musical elements and musicians, selected compositions as national representatives, musicological data, as well as a brief evaluation of the project. The C asean Consonant ensemble can prove once again the power of music–the true language beyond language that unites the spirits of people no matter how they differ in politics, economics, ways of life, technologies, environments, or spiritual beliefs. 

We offer our new ASEAN voices through colourful musical instruments, innovative heritage from our ASEAN ancestors, to the present and future audiences of this glorious community.

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