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New / Authentic / Classic

Celebration Concerts
26 August 2023
14:00 - 15:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Siam Guitar Quartet, Kalaya Phongsathorn, Omporn Konwintha, Andrea Claudette, Indhuon Srikaranonda, Puntwitt AsawadejmetakulAkkra YeunyonghattapornKarst de Jong and PGVIM Students



  • Chavedagong

  • Jin Tok Mai

Siam Guitar Quartet

  • Tree Shade by P.Abhaiwongse

  • 2023 by P. Sakulsurarat

Kalaya Phongsathorn (Flute), Omporn Konwintha (Violin),  Andrea Claudette (Cello), Indhuon Srikaranonda (Piano)

  • Selections from "Dichterliebe" by R. Schumann

Puntwitt Asawadejmetakul (Voice) and Akkra Yeunyonghattaporn (Piano)

  • Improvisation Showcase I

Karst de Jong & PGVIM Students


The second hour of our program will feature new-generation performers presenting their musical endeavors under the theme "New/ Authentic/ Classic." What is New?, What is Authentic?, And What is Classic? Each of the pieces will showcase different musical practices such as arrangement, composition, interpretation, and improvisation. We will hear repertoire ranging from arrangements of Thai Classical pieces to new compositions, revisits/reinterpretations of Schumann's

work, and newly created improvisation pieces from the symposium week, directed by Karst de Jong. 

What will today's sound be like? Who is the owner? Will it continue to resonate with us for many years to come? 

The program will also celebrate the theme “Woman” with a performance by women artists: Kalaya Phongsathorn, Omporn Konwintha, Andrea Claudette, and Indhuon Srikaranonda. We will explore themes of gender representation in Robert Schumann’s "Dichterliebe", by Puntwitt Asawadejmetakul, Akkra Yeunyonghattaporn.

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