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Listen Well: An Artist-Researcher´s Field Guide to Expanded Musicking

Plenary Speaker
24 August 2023
17:15 - 18:00 hrs (GMT+7)

As artist-researchers, we unpack the urgent need that we have noticed for music practitioners to interconnect and entangle several different roles/identities within their own musical and extramusical practices. Our practices challenge traditionally separated roles within Western Art Music. Musicians become composers/performers; composers are simultaneously conductors. Scores act as instruments. Listening becomes a compositional method.


Through the format of the lecture recital (or performance lecture), we will present examples of contemporary hybridity that interrogate and expand the assumed and inherited structures of music expression. As a connected gesture, we will also explore how our own creative methods contribute to practice-research pedagogy within the Music Masters’ programme “New Audiences and Innovative Practices” at Iceland University of the Arts.


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