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Concert to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana

25 August 2023
19:00 - 20:30 hrs (GMT+7)

PGVIM Students

Kid Buok Sip, Choreographer

Kris Yensudjai, Costume Design



Carnival of Animals

Camille Saint-Saëns

"The Carnival of the Animals" is a collection of sweet and playful pieces composed by Camille Saint-Saëns in 1886. It is a light work consisting of 14 pieces, each representing a different animal or group of animals.

Originally created as a private joke between Saint-Saëns and his friends, this piece was not intended to be performed in public. However, it has become very popular and is today often played in concert halls around the world.

This fresh interpretation  of the suite incorporates an ecological undertone. The recently crafted outfits by Kris Yensudjai utilise locally sourced recycled elements animated by Kid Buok Sip's choreography. Long-time PGVIM collaborator Professor Jacques Moreau directs the orchestra bringing the subtle nuances of the score to life.  Jean-David Caillouët and Tuchawong Sirisawat amplify the music and dance with sound design and video art elements, while the interactive expert Jean Geoffroy provides allegorical short scenes that act as intervals during the performance.

The pieces in this work are as follows:

  • "Introduction and Royal March of the Lion" 

opens the set while presenting the majesty and beauty of lions.

  • "Hens and Roosters" 

highlights the cheerfulness and liveliness of the henhouse.

  • "Wild Donkeys Swift Animals" 

evokes fast and agile animals such as donkeys and horses.

  • "Tortoises" 

focuses on the slowness and calmness of these shelled animals.

  • "The Elephant" 

presents the heaviness and slowness of these giant mammals.

  • "Kangaroos" 

focuses on the jumps and bounces of marsupials.

  • "Aquarium" 

represents the calm and soothing beauty of the aquatic world.

  • "Characters with Long Ears" 

evokes long-eared animals such as rabbits and donkeys.

  • "The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods" 

takes us into the forest.

  • "Aviary" 

honors the beauty and freedom of birds in flight.

  • "Pianists" 

pays tribute to human virtuosity.

  • "Fossils" 

takes a detour into prehistory.

  • "The Swan" 

paints a musical portrait of the graceful beauty of these majestic birds.

  • "Finale" 

closes the set and presents a recapitulation of the previous pieces.


Kid Buok Sip

Costume Design

Kris Yensudjai (Mae Fah Luang Foundation)


Tuchawong Sirisawat


Violin 1

Phongphairoj Lertsudwichai

Natapat Pisutwong

Dole Wannakanok

Violin 2

Patthiya Sirirojsathaporn

Anurak Chokwasin

Yanini Pongpakatien


Ekkalak Kheiykhao

Thanpapon Prinyakul

Punthisa Watcharajiranont


Porntawan Phetchad

Maytinee Umoh

Double Bass

Jirayut Thaolipo


Niratda Manochart


Jirapat Kruitniyom


Jirawat Pattana

Pinploy Punya


Kansiree Chirawattanaphan

Thanabodi Thoopvichit


Jacques Moreau, Jean Geoffroy and Jean-David Caillouët 

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