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'Operating at a Distance'

25 August 2020
15:00 - 16:00 hrs (GMT+7)

In this presentation, I will look at a series of works exploring dislocations in time and space, between media and audience(s). These seem to have new relevance in the ‘lockdown’ era, and I am exploring developing these ideas afresh in this context. 

The works (many of them large-scale collaborations) include various telematics projects, such as Cellbytes (1999), a series of dance performances between London and Phoenix Arizona; and me and my shadow (2012), simultaneous installations in four European countries where people can meet and move together. Other works, such as Periphery (2000) and Remember Me (2002) allow audiences to meet the ‘ghosts’ of previous visitors. A current work, Soma (2020), explores how touch can be recreated in a virtual reality context.

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