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The Life & Works of Ramon Pagayon Santos

A Documentary by Jean-David Caillouët

Ramón Pagayon Santos is a Filipino composer, ethnomusicologist, and educator who is widely regarded as the main living exponent of contemporary Filipino classical music. His work expounds on "the aesthetic frameworks of Philippine and Southeast Asian artistic traditions" and also explores new uses of indigenous Philippine instruments. With a career spanning over 60 years and a portfolio comprising hundreds of pieces in many different styles, Ramon Santos is easily one of the most prolific composers of his generation.


This film-portrait illustrates not only the broad scope of the composer’s vast musical output but also offers in-depth insights into his philosophies about culture, art and history. Combining exclusive interviews as well as a wealth of archival materials, the documentary investigates the exceptional vision of an artist driven by a vision of unity, connecting people and expressive traditions through an eclectic and yet incredibly coherent oeuvre.

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