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Shane Taylor Constante, Associate Professor

Shane Taylor Constante, Associate Professor

Prior to his appointment at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory in 2005, Ty Constante was an instructor at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand where he taught theory and ear training and assisted the percussion department. Beginning in 1999, he directed a Shona mbira ensemble and taught all levels of aural skills at San Diego State University while pursuing a Masters degree in Ethnomusicology, which he completed in 2002. He was a lecturer at Cuyamaca Community College, where he taught courses on the history of rock and the history of jazz. 

In 1996, Constante joined the United States Peace Corps where he served as the music curriculum specialist to the Malawi Institute of Education in Malawi, Africa, for over two years. While serving in this newly created position, he developed primary school music textbooks for nation-wide use, directed a film project documenting traditional Malawian musical instrument makers, helped to organize two annual Choral workshops, and organized a festival of traditional Malawian and Zimbabwean music sponsored by the French Cultural Centre. Constante studied percussion under the direction of Mario Gaetano at Western Carolina University, where he received a bachelor degree in music education in 1996. 

In the summer of 1993, he was a member of the World Championship Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps. Constante has studied and performed a wide range of musical styles outside of his western percussion background, including the traditional music of Bali, Brazil, Cuba, Ghana, Java, Malawi, South India, and Zimbabwe. He studied Shona mbira with masters Ephat Mujuru, Cosmas Magaya, and Erica Azim. He studied Balinese gamelan with Pak I. Nyoman Sumandhi and Pak I. Nyoman Wenton, and Javanese gamelan with Pak Djoko Waluyo.

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