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Music & Metamorphosis

26 August 2023

17:00 - 18:00 hrs (GMT+7)

A decade of collaborations: 

Studio Musikfabrik X Musikhochschule Lübeck X PGVIM

There are these unpredictable moments, when something unexpected happens without having being planned at all. "Music and Metamorphosis" does not only recall that year of the symposium and the fruitful collaboration between Studio Musikfabrik, PGVIM and Music University Lübeck. Almost by accident and all of a sudden it developed (also a metamorphosis?) to a unique program that features three young composers of three generations, who had once studied in Lübeck (or still do) and their current vice-president Oliver Korte.  Beside the fact that a composer as vice-president always assures that the creative aspect has to play a central role in an academic art institution, these young composers have gone through a real metamorphosis as they have all found their personal view and approach in the contemporary scene. Even Toshio Hosokawa is loosely connected out of personal reasons, but he is the exception. From the very beginning, Toshio had a very distinct style that hardly changed until today. 

And it shows very well that such a process is not predictable at all, as during a metamorphosis many magic and hidden forces are in charge. Generally art develops in two waves: step by step via continuous elaboration of musical parameters together with influences from the respective social environment and the personal character and intention. But there is also another way: If a metamorphosis has taken place, it is even more, it is a transformation "into the blue". Enjoy these new worlds.


  • Ballet Blanc by Katharina Roth

Lena Katharina Seitz (Flute), Jirapat Krutniyom (Bass Clarinet), Guilherme Raminhos (Guitar), Maike Danner (Cello)

  • Crop by Raphael Brandstäter

Lena Katharina Seitz (Flute), Guilherme Raminhos (Guitar)
Ling Zhang (Percussion), Phattarapoj Sawangchaeng (Viola), Maike Danner (Cello)

  • Silent River by Toshio Hosokawa

Jirapat Krutniyom (Clarinet), Phattarapoj Sawangchaeng (Viola), Saranrat Saransombat (Horn), Watthikorn Dipprakon (Trombone), Myles Manders (Piano)

  • Past Numbers by Dylan Lardelli

Aline Sarah Müller (Violin), Phattarapoj Sawangchaeng (Viola), Guilherme Raminhos (Guitar), Ling Zhang (Percussion), Chumchon Suebwong (Khaen), Chen Xiangwen(Gu Zheng)

  • rien nul by Oliver Korte

Lena Katharina Seitz (Flute), Jirapat Krutniyom (Clarinet), Aline Sarah Müller (Violin), Phattarapoj Sawangchaeng (Viola), Maike Danner (Cello)

PERFORMERS: Students from Studio Musikfabrik, Musikhochschule Lübeck & PGVIM

Conductors: Peter Veale and Max Riefer

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