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Western Liberal Arts + ASEAN Classical Music = ???

Plenary Speaker
11 September 2015

In this paper I aim to discuss the role of western liberal arts education in the renewal of ASEAN classical music to regain its authenticity. There needs to be explorations and clarifications to many of these terms mentioned: western; liberal arts; classical, authenticity; and renewal. 

In the exploration process, I would like to ask how our own classical or traditional music is still relevant in our current early 21st century culture locally, and to question its value as inheritance. Do we want a museum approach or a renewal approach, or both? Can our approach(es) accommodate postmodern tendencies and globalization, with constructive contributions? 

So with clarifications and understandings built upon a matrix of these questions, let us see how approaches and principles of western liberal arts education may serve our aim to organically develop our own culture towards the future for this region and also internationally.

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