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Looking Back and Moving Forward: Three Decades of Music Culture Study in the Thai Social Context

Paper Presentation
27 August 2021
09:30 - 10:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Apinporn Chaiwanichsiri



Chaomanat Prapakdee


This article explores and synthesizes data from a number of music research papers published between  1980 and 2020. Among the approximately 7,778 papers studied were papers in the following areas: Thai  music, western music, country music, music education, folk music, various ethnic musical genres, music therapy, foreign music education, the creation of musical works, band instrument practice,  musical instrument production, history, the work of Thai musicians, and the development of practice skills.

It was found that Thai music research most often focused on song structure. Western music and country music papers often centered on melody analysis. Music education papers focused on research, teaching  and learning management, survey, evaluation and educational innovation, with target groups  of musical instruments and songs related to music. In the area of folk, local and ethnic music, the  focus  was on researching the structure of the music, performance practices and the role of music in society and daily life. Music therapy papers involved research on music in relation to human well-being from  birth to old age, illness and death. Music research abroad focused on song  structure. Music composition papers examined the creation of new musical  works, both Thai and Western, under the concept and model of the artist's work in a  social and cultural context. The analysis presented in this paper can be used to create research models in line with policy issues and to respond to current and future needs of music professionals and the general public in various social contexts.

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