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Buzzwire for Trombone, Sensor, Computer, and installation: Developing Tradition of Instrumental Western Music Performance with Interactive Sound Installation

Paper Presentation
26 August 2021
11:30 - 12:00 hrs (GMT+7)


Jiradej Setabundhu



Siravith Kongbandalsuk

Thanapat Ogaslert


In the twentieth-first century, interactive sound installation has developed according to the development of technology such as various mediums or expansion of using instruments, tools, or systems, for creating a broader experience and sensation to humans. To develop the tradition of western music instrumental performance with interactive sound installation performance, the electroacoustic performance "Buzzwire for trombone, sensor, computer, and installation" is simulated from the concept of the "Buzzwire" game, which is an electronic circuit of moving a loop along a wire maze by imitating a trombone slide for the loop and steel/aluminium pipes for the wire maze. The musical sound in this performance is a combination of acoustic trombone sound and live-electronic sound controlled by the performer's gestures as an extended instrument. Moreover, each time the trombone slide unintentionally has contact with the wire maze, the live-electronic sound system is  manipulated by changing timbres or creating various unexpected sound patterns. The occurring motion during a performance is captured from a motion sensor attachment using the ZIG SIM application, which then generates this data with the Puredata program to control electronic sound effects in the Ableton program as an overall live-electronic sound creating process.

As a result, the performance aims to create an entirely unexpected situation for creating unfamiliar sounds with an extended sound controller to explore human behaviour, realizing interaction and also collaboration between humans and machines using technological developments of the twentieth-first century.

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