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Designer & Sound Artist - Celebrating Collaborations

24 August 2022

16:30 - 17:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool

Pattarapong Sripanya


What approaches should graphic designers take when working with sound and music? Is there a direct relationship between sounds, colours, and lines? What connects our visual and auditory perceptions? During the last three years of PGVIS, the collaboration between the graphic designer and sound artist has presented more questions to be answered. Especially, how the combined forces of sound and vision influenced our understanding of the world and its inhabitants.

For this year ‘Celebrating the Now’, the process has led to the many possibilities we perceive the present time. The ever-changing entity, growing into the next moment, blurring the sense of now, threading the flow into nonexistence's future.

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