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Dr. Eve Duncan

Dr. Eve Duncan

Eve Duncan holds a Doctor of Creative Arts from Western Sydney University with Bruce Crossman and Clare MacLean, Masters in Music from the University of Melbourne with Brenton Broadstock, and Honours In Music Composition, Latrobe University with Keith Humble. She was awarded First Prize in the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition (Greece), Second Prize in the Recital Music Double Bass Composition Competition (England) and Third Prize in the Modern Music Award for Composition  (Vienna). In Australia she received the WSU APRA Award for Music Composition for a piano concerto Sydney Opera House (2013) and for the opera The Aspern Papers (2017).

She has worked collaboratively with photographer Siri Hayes, exploring environmental issues arising from the dredging of the bays near Melbourne.

She was commissioned by the Federal Government to compose for the Australian Centenary of Federation with Aboriginal poet Lisa Bellear. Buddha on Mars was performed by the National Symphony of Thailand, and Approaching Venice by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.

She founded the Melbourne Composers League in 1994, that is Australia’s member organisation for the Asian Composers League. 


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