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Alessandra Di Gennaro

Alessandra Di Gennaro

Born in 1994 in L’Aquila (Italy), Alessandra began her piano studies at age 4 with her father. In 2005 Elena Matteucci welcomed Alessandra to her class at the Conservatorio di Musica “Alfredo Casella” in L’Aquila, where in 2014 she obtained her Master degree “cum laude”. In 2015, after winning Erasmus scholarship, she moved to The Hague (NL), where she is now completing her master studies at “Koninklijk Conservatorium” Den Haag under the guidance of pianist Ellen Corver. In 2019 she obtained her second Bachelor Degree in Classical Piano with a special mention assigned by the jury for her “artistic personality”.

During her studies in Italy and in Holland, she had the chance to meet great internationally acclaimed professors such as Frank Braley, Denis Proshayev, Kalman DraYi, Ronald Brautigam, Naum Grubert, David Kuyken, Vsevolod Dvorkin, Severin von Eckardstein, Boris Petrushansky, Kostantin Bogino, Franco Medori, Laura Pietrocini, Daniel Buranovsky, Fausto Di Cesare etc.

Her education in multiple international environments makes Alessandra a refined artist with consuming passion, endless enthusiasm and broad interests, in which her excellent technique meets brilliant musical intuition for chamber music, ensemble leading and contemporary repertoire.

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