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Transcending Differences (Radio Sonata Part II)

8 September 2016

Jean-David Caillouet, Dieter Mack and Anothai Nitibhon, Curators


แมวน้อย (ออย) 

Little Cat 


Why do I look like you? 


Why do you look like me?


Why do we look like each other?


Then, why do we fight another? 

Kunkanit Liemnam, 12 years old Children from Bang Yi Khan Community The second performance evening of this Symposium will carry on our investigation of music as a bridge facilitating cultural and social integrations. If the first evening proposed juxtapositions of a variety of musical idioms in their original traditional form, this second offering will look at musical practices that aim at venturing outside the established paths. Looking at differences and assumed incompatibilities as opportunities to open up new windows for creativity rather than building walls. 

The evening will use Debussy’s ‘Sonate for Harp, Viola and flute’ as a starting point. The piece, written by Debussy near the end of his life at the beginning of WW1, explores the musical potential of this unusual trio combination in a very unique way as if the composer found some sort of solace through the resolution of conflicting sonorities in music at a time of unresolvable international political divide. 

A century later, we seem to have come full circle again as we witness the rise of nationalist resentments in many parts of the world. Music is more than ever needed to transcend the differences that divide people. Tuning into the past and the present, the evening’s performances will investigate the interferences and differences that form our illusionary musical boundaries and often settle in the spaces between. Sweeping through the airwaves to discover some of the sonic possibilities still hiding behind our musical horizons. The program will feature music by Debussy, compositions by pioneers of twentieth century music as well as pieces and improvisations freshly designed during our Symposium’s workshops interspersed with a touch of electronics and visual art. 

Nigel Osborne, Wave speech translator

Anant Narkkong, Radio

Dieter Mack, Conductor 

Phataporn Preechanon, Flute 

Mervin Wong, Viola 

Teo Charmaine, Harp 

Suppabhorn Suwanpakdee, Viola 

Pongthep Jitduangprem, Viola 

Rittichut Phetmunin, Bass Clarinet 

Kampanart Chantima, Clarinet 

Sound recording: Palut Pawaratison 

Jean-David Caillouet: Visuals and Electronics 

ธัชวงศ์ ศิริสวัสดิ์, Camera 

Gabriel Camelin, Visual assistance 

Jean-David Caillouet, Video editing, audio mixing and mastering 

The event was curated by Jean-David Caillouët, Dieter Mack and Anothai Nitibhon

Recorded live during PGVIM’s 4th international Symposium. 

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