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The Visual Music in the Virtual World

25 August 2020

13:00 - 16:30 hrs (GMT+7)

Dr. Ivan Zavada


This workshop takes an interdisciplinary and multimodal approach to visual music in the virtual world. Dr. Ivan Zavada will discuss different perspectives relating to the audiovisual medium, online network music collaboration, and simultaneous musical participation. He will also describe the notion of artistic consciousness through non-representational art, with a focus on the space-time relationship between sonic and visual elements in the visual music idiom, and will address the notion of emotional intent versus response. 

These issues are explored in his recent musical work entitled Constellation 25, which relies on a logographic score for its interpretation. Dr. Zavada will present an overview of visual music works that have influenced his compositional framework, which relies on contemporary digital media and the virtual world we currently find ourselves in and is expressed through the dissemination of online concerts and artistic exploration. The discussion will revolve around the visual music paradigm within online music practice.

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