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The Unreal Circle

29 August 2020

11:00 - 12:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool and Pattarapong Sripanya, Curators


We tend to believe that a circle represents the perfect world, but once we look closer, we recognise tiny flaws within its impeccable beauty. In the perfect circle and harmonious sound, is it the defective parts or the completed whole, that makes a total perfect form? 

With the tools we have as humans, we decipher natural sounds with our mathematical rules. Sounds might represent nature but they are never natural, just as when we draw a circle in a computer and zoom in, it is the square pixel that creates the roundness of a circle. These delusions create dialogues that allow perfection to exist. In this experiment of sound and visual, we will attempt to add new interferences to the already existing illusions in hope to achieve a glimpse of completion, within the realities of the imperfect world.

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