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The Social Impact of Music Organizations in Khlongtoey: The Quantitative Data

27 August 2020

16:00 - 16:30 hrs (GMT+7)

Pongthep Jitduangprem


This study explores the philosophies and management procedures of three music teaching organizations in the crowded Bangkok community of Khlongtoey: Immanuel Music School, Music Sharing, and the Khlongtoey Music Program. With a particular focus on each program’s social impact, this study presents an analysis of quantitative data and qualitative information that was gathered through in-depth interviews. Information from questionnaires were gathered from 161 study subjects that had known of the organizations’ existence and 55 subjects that did not. 

This study includes an analysis of levels of community participation, opinions on music programming, expectations, satisfaction, and the correlation between level of participation and perceived social impact. Study participants were people who were found around the organizations, and may not be representative of the entire population of Khlongtoey.

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