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SouthEast Asian Music Session 1: 'YON - Manila based multi instrumentalists Asian quartet

15 May 2021

6 pm (GMT+7)


Harold Andre Santos 

Daniel Roi Calingasan 

Julia Eunice Yabes 

Jacques Dufourt



- ‘YON (2017)

composed by Harold Santos & Jacques Dufourt


- JAN KEN PON (2018)

composed by ‘YON


- Sa Kabundukan [“in the mountains”] (2020)

a medley of “Salidummay” melodies; arranged by Harold Santos


- Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak [“because of a flower”] (2021)

composed by Leopoldo Silos; arranged by Daniel Calingasan


- Susi [“key”] (2021)

composed by Ben & Ben; arranged by Harold Santos


- España [“Spain”] (2021)

composed by Chick Corea; arranged by Harold Santos

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