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Raising Awareness of 21st Century Musician Skills Through Board Game

25 August 2021

10:00 - 10:30 hrs (GMT+7)

Not only is it true that the majority of music graduates in Thailand are working outside the music industry, but some of those who have chosen to stay in music are unemployed due to the competitive nature of the industry. Factors such as job security, work culture and overall disequilibrium in Thailand’s classical music industry are accountable for this problem. Thus, Thai musicians need to adapt in order to thrive in their musical careers. Educational institutions for musicians are often not able to adequately prepare music students for the fast-moving world. Most of the courses offered only focus on developing students’ musical skills. Not enough time is spent on the career skills needed for working within the musical field.

COVID-19 has greatly affected the classical music industry, professional musicians, teachers and music students. Online platforms are being applied heavily in the music industry for online teaching, asynchronous learning and live concert streaming. Thus, other essential skills are required by the stakeholder within the industry to accomplish the job. Musicians are obliged to enhance other necessary skills, apart from performing, to adapt in the changing world.

I have studied and analyzed the 21st century skills needed by classical musicians in order to create guidelines for music students, and a board game based on these guidelines. Following the development of the game, I conducted a board game tournament and a seminar on this topic. This presentation will outline my work to raise awareness of the 21st century skills needed by music students in order to help them thrive in Thailand’s classical music industry in the long term.

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