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Let's move

30 August 2020

15:00 - 16:00 hrs (GMT+7)

Sirasar Boonma and Pansita Sasirawuth, Curator

Hear & Found


“Social Distancing”  is the new buzzword during this COVID-19 situation, which has had brutal effects on the Thai music events industry.

The music industry has faced a sharp downturn since face to face, or socially engaging activities, have been forbidden. Musicians and artists whose earnings come from entertainment events which require social gatherings are the ones who are suffering the most.

The phrase “work from home” is commonly used among businesses to support social distancing. People lack social activities considerably. Further, the WHO reported that the suicide rate around the world is rising significantly in response to this crisis in which people’s ability to deal with financial loss, chronic illness and other life stresses is breaking down.

How can music and music platforms help soothe this situation?

Hear & Found has initiated and experimented with online and on-site music engagement platforms. It is a local online music library where people can browse for their favorite rhythms on screens. Another activity we initiated is a movable stage form of music performance. Its purpose is to provide live music on movable vehicles that audiences are able to hear and find stories through listening and seeing the surroundings. These two activities can connect life stories through music without requiring the audience to go anywhere.

For this symposium, Hear & Found will show you some possibilities for moving forward together. This project will create more opportunities for social engagement under social distancing situations and uplift indigenous and local music stories in a digitalised manner.

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