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Ensemble FOVE

30 August 2019


Founded in 2016, Ensemble FOVE is a musician group of young leading Japanese players and composers. The members first gathered for the music of a Japanese Animation ”Yuri!!! on ICE” in 2014, and since then they have produced several original spectacles such as ”SONAR-FIELD” and ”TRANS”.

Their concept is to introduce new artistic performances and examinations by expanding the frames of genres, and to produce alternative listening experience.


Interweave II Woodwind Quartet
Masao Endo

In a Blink of an Eye
Saksri Pang Vontaradon

“Sound Fluctuating” for Clarinet, Horn, Violin and Cello
IYoshinao Kobayashi

“Vedana” for Clarinet and Strings
Yos Vaneesorn

“Tri” for Ranard and Strings
Siraseth Puantura-umporn

Reflecting Sphere
Yoshihiro Kanno

Ami Ito, Violin
Keisuke Tsushima, Viola
Yukinori Kobatake, Cello
Kazuhiro Kajihara, Flute and Alto Flute
Yos Vaneesorn, Clarinet
Supreeti Ansvananda, French Horn
Kammathep Theeralertrat, Ra-nard

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